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Thanksgiving - a cock and a hen
[Marcela pražáková]
4.4.2012 14:42
Hello, I would like to thank Mija-market for the very nice and quality goods that correspond to the description in the offer and Mrs. Hynková for an immediate telephone response regarding the shipment specification. I also thank for the fast delivery of the goods - the individual pieces were perfectly wrapped individually until I was asked if the cost of the packing did not exceed the price of the goods. I will be happy to return to your store and I would like to recommend it. The hen and the cock make joy to the passers-by on our Easter front garden :-)

[Karel Bican]
3.4.2012 18:27
please allow me to express my great thanks for the delivery of the great vodka.
The shipment came in order and to great satisfaction.
Also Mr Sekeli, who brought the shipment, was very willing.
You have made us a great pleasure for us and especially for our granddaughter.
Delivery speed and good conduct deserve great praise.
I wish you nice Easter, lots of health and happiness and many satisfied customers like me.
All the best.
Karel Bican Tábor

[MiJa-Market by Michala Hynková]
4.2.2012 11:29
Thank you for your feedback, but it does not apply to our site.
I do not want opinions about my person or my family to be resolved
through these sites. I still do not understand when we are from one village, why do not you come and tell me that in your eyes, why you write it anonymously. This is a testimony to your character.

response to decency
1.2.2012 19:40

1.2.2012 12:59
Services, assortment and access to customers are great, but Mrs. Hynková could learn at least to greet people who meet in the village. The same applies to their children. The three of them are upbeat and hope they will sit on their ass before others. Eva

Thanks for Great Services (White Milena)
[Milena Bílá]
12.1.2012 20:26
At the beginning of December, I ordered the winter decoration "Snowman with a Lantern" and "Magic Nicholas".
The purchase was successful and I am very happy with the decoration.
The three seasons will decorate the garden "Great Waterman".
Thank you very much for your great service.
We wish a lot of new offers and plenty of new satisfied customers in 2012. Bílá M.

Thanks again ...
[Věra Martínková]
20.12.2011 06:10
Hello, we have ordered a vodka and dwarf with a lantern and in this way we would like to express your thanks for the perfect delivery of the parcel and a pleasant communication with you. Waterman and dwarf are not wrong. We have a beautiful gift for the whole family. Let your business come true and a beautiful Christmas and a lot of successes in 2012 wish to Martínka.

[Věra Martínková]
20.12.2011 06:05

Snowman with lantern
[Jarmila Čepeláková]
27.10.2011 15:10
Let me tell you through this letter, thank you very much for the very pleasant performance and my orders.
P.S. The snowman you offered was a great success.
Thanks again.
Yours sincerely, Jarmila Čepeláková

Big water sprite
23.9.2011 11:05
Good afternoon I apologize for the previous post I accidentally sent. I would like to thank for a great vodič who already beautifully sitting at the lake. I praise excellent communication, fast delivery .. just satisfaction once again thank you and I can only recommend

Big water sprite
23.9.2011 11:01

Waterman big
24.8.2011 14:00
Today I have received 2 beautiful water spirits in a huge box and super packed. The riders are beautiful and in a few moments I go to the ponds.Perfect communication and fast delivery of goods. I can all recommend this super mija trade and warmly recommend to all!

A beautiful water sprite
2.7.2011 18:52
This week, a new resident - a great waterman from your company - came to our garden. Today was a beekeeping day, and a lot of people told me that the waterman is staying here as if he had been here for ever! Pity I can not send a photo. Thank you very much for the fact that there is such a company in the Czech Republic and the friendly owners who call me, they will talk to me about the delivery date, the waterman is moving in a box and lying as a princess so that he really does not bribe on the way .... I recommend to all. Water is the adornment of our lake, or the gardens .... Jindřiška Hr.Radnice
P.S. Other people, after seeing our great leader, will order their daughter! Good goods are sold alone !!!!

Large fountain and stone seating
[Miroslav Rankl]
7.6.2011 07:34
Thank Hynek for her exemplary approach to the customer.
Not only did the ordered goods deliver on the agreed date but also helped us to place it
and assemble.
This should look like a deal with a customer.
Once again, thank you, Rankl of Loun.

big fountain
[Hana Vrbová]
16.4.2011 22:24
Today, our husband Hynek brought us a big fountain. The fountain is beautiful. Thank you for very fast delivery and willing and pleasant negotiations. I like to turn to this company again. I recommend everyone. Thank you Hana Vrbová

[Lenka Chlupacova]
6.4.2011 12:59
Thank you very much for the beautiful big and especially cheap price.Perfect negotiations and speed dodani.Moc I feel for another beautiful garden decoration from Vas, just like a beautiful Easter.Lidicky at Hynek stand to buy.L.chlupacova, K.VARY

garden decoration-vodník
[Lenka Kadlecová]
31.3.2011 09:40
I bought a big vodka at Hynek, I wanted to donate it, all right. as soon as possible and everything went according to my idea, in two days I had a gift at home even for a distance of about 200km. I wish many more of these stores, and Hynek wishes a lot of satisfied customers to whom I say: "It will crack the one who will not buy Hynek."

[Ján Oktábec]
29.3.2011 21:11
I ordered here for myself and my two sons office chair. I was a little afraid of paying in advance, But I recommend buying in this store to everyone. Willingness, seriousness, transportation to me. All Perfect. I wish very satisfied customers. Dear Ján Oktábec Hodonín.

Office stuff
22.2.2011 22:44
Hello with the products I was soaked were well packed without damage.I would like to ask for the chair we are not wheels but some kind of dies that do not ride so I want to ask if it is going to somehow buy or replace.duke.

a great waterman and my neighbor
[He is humble]
4.2.2011 16:36
I bought a vodka as a mad idea when his neighbor saw him, I had to buy him a bit. The vodič (1.i 2.) was packed so it was a pity to unpack it, so it had a nice paddle. Thanks for taking care of hydrogen and the customer.
p.s. in the previous post I like: a vodič bought Mrs.Rakosníková - is not it a pseudonym?

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