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Nyrsko near Pilsen

Import of fountain to Nyrska near Pilsen

On October 13, 2010, the Russians bought a large Kašna (code zd00098).
Since it is again a stone decoration weighing approx. 250kg, the owner decided to take the goods again with a company vehicle and personally deliver the goods. Immediately we contacted Mr. Ruse and agreed the delivery date at his home on Saturday 16.10.2010.
On October 16, 2010, we visited the Russian in Nyrsko near Pilsen and handed over the fountain. After handing over the purchased goods, we talked to the Russians about the next season, we introduced them to the news that will be on our site and we found that they would like to buy some of the goods in the spring.
There can be nothing better for our business when the customer turns to us with confidence, buying more goods, or advising on the implementation and modification of the garden. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to the next meeting in the spring of 2011.

MiJa-Market Michal and Jaroslav Hynek


Photo from Nyrska

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