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Certification of playgrounds

Certikace TÜV

All our playgrounds are certified and are certified either according to EN71 or ČSN EN 1176 and their sub-standard. At the same time, however, we can secure certification of a course already built and for various reasons (age of playground, own production, etc.) lacking appropriate safety evidence.
The benefits of certification and regular playground controls are clear, provide significantly greater safety for children on the pitch or athletics, prevent possible risks of unnecessary injuries, and then fulfill all legal requirements of the state administration. There is also a significant reduction in the risk of legal impacts in injuring children on the pitch. Certification also greatly helps in the success of applications for European investment and development projects. For questions please contact us

Certification for playgrounds and sports grounds

  • Element certification for playgrounds and sports grounds
  • Safety assessment for playgrounds
  • Regular annual control of playgrounds
  • Overall safety assessment of all elements of the playground

The assessment is carried out by the company that supplies us with children's playgrounds and according to the following legislative standards.

  1. Government Regulation No. 173/1997 Coll. - sets out selected products for conformity assessment - equipment for playgrounds and folk costumes (especially bob and rope centers, water slides atobogany)

Valid standards for playgrounds and folk costumes

  • EN 1176-1 General safety requirements and test methods
  • EN 1177 Impact Shock Surface - Safety Requirements and Test Methods
  • CSN EN 13814 Folk Entertainment - Safety
  • ČSN EN 15567-1 Ropeways - Construction and safety requirements
  • ČSN EN 15567-2 Ropeways - Functional requirements
  • EN 1069-1 Water slides 2 m high and above - Safety requirements
  • EN 1069-2 Water slides 2 m and over - Instructions

Playground equipment

Equipment for playgrounds and sports grounds means:
  • roundabout
  • slides (including water, so-called water worlds)
  • swings
  • climbing ropes
  • prolizadla
  • small structures designed to play and increase children's skills
  • game sets
  • impact-absorbing surfaces
  • bobsled track
  • rope centers
  • skateparky
Certification authority services serve:
  • playground operators, rope centers, bobsled runways, scuba equipment and skateparks
  • municipalities and building authorities
  • local authorities
  • schools, nurseries and other childcare facilities
  • operators of public facilities
  • shops, service stations
  • cultural and sports facilities

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