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Garden furniture Lake Charles

Garden Furniture Lake Charles (Hardwood - Hardwood Balloon / Stainless Steel)

Lake Charles Garden Furniture combines practical benefits with elegant design and functionality. For this type of garden furniture we use polished stainless steel, with high durability and exceptional durability, we use easy to wash, comfortable and colorful VIRO string for the seating and backrest of this garden furniture.
If you are looking for garden furniture that you will not have to reach even during the whole season, just select this type. If you are looking for a larger garden table, choose from Lake Sylva or Lake Louise garden furniture - the wood used is the same and the individual pieces will visually fit very well. If you're looking for smaller tables, choose from the Lake Louise range - they also have stainless legs and look alike.

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• Comfortable garden armchair
• Polished stainless steel construction supplemented with VIRO braid
• wooden parts made of hardwood
• 5-point positioning
Postage and packing is 238 kč, - / unfortunately cheaper it ...
Landscape Chair Charles Charles
7 400,00 Kč
(EUR 300.52)

• positioning garden deck
• do not agree
• Solid stainless steel construction
• The wooden parts of the chair are made of acacia polished wood
• seat and backrest made of easy to maintain and UV ...
Lake Charles positioning garden chair
9 990,00 Kč
(405.71 EUR)

• A stable garden chair
• stainless steel structure coated with VIRO - strand
• wood furniture elements acacia wood
• Very comfortable garden furniture
• easy to carry, relatively light ...
Garden chair Charles Lake
5 750,00 Kč
(233,51 EUR)

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