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PondTo build a garden pond we can use two basic types of materials. The first one is finished plastic tanks, the other one is ponds. The great advantage of these films is their ductility and the ability to create almost any shape of the pond and the choice of depth of the tank. When purchasing ponds for your pond, pay special attention to the quality of the foil. The film must be resistant to UV rays, otherwise it will soon become brittle and unstable. It must also be frost-resistant and free of harmful substances for plants, fish and other aquatic organisms. On the other hand, it is a great advantage for ready-made lakes that they are easy to set up in the terrain, and their disproportionately higher resistance to puncture.

If you are not confident about the construction of the ponds or prefer the whole construction you would like to entrust to a professional company, please contact our company Snake-Market, which will take care of the design, to the realization and handover of the pond. We use exclusively high quality pond construction materials, high quality branded ponds and Alfalfol rubber foils, filter pumps, water pumps, solar pumps, pond lighting, stones, pots, BITRON UV lamps, BIOSYS and PROFICLEAR fittings, AQUA OXY airing, pond sets, fountain nozzles, electrical wiring. All German OASE brand. End to certain products is extended warranty up to 5 years !!! Warranty and post-warranty service ensured.

How to realize the MiJa-Market ponds:

1. We will visit you to arrange details and the start date of the works.

2. We will make a quote that we will send to you for reconciliation, including the design of materials and goods for construction.

3. Upon agreement with the customer, we charge 50% of the quote.

(at our company, it is commonplace that we send an advance invoice immediately after receiving payment to our account.)

4. We will prepare everything necessary for the realization of the pond.

5. Complete the construction, including landscaping and cleaning.

6. Pass the order to the customer

In case of your interest or questions, please contact us. (see contact)

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